L’héritage et les jeux!

After some amazing restaurant and food truck presentations, the students of both grades are getting ready to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of French students at Rosedale!   

Next week, the 4/5’s will be involved in “L’héritage” (the legacy)–creating student based resources for next  year’s class. The Grade 4’s (Mr. Hadala’s class) will be looking at creating an introduction to French for the new Grade 4 class. Think about what challenged you, what was most useful, what expressions were your favourites, and add these things to our posters and electronic shared resources.   

After that, it’s a huge bingo, pictionary, charades and drama improvisation lineup of team and individual games to review ALL our vocabulary and what we’ve learned!  Be prepared to speak and create in French all week!

A bientôt!

Mme Kerr

La musique et la nourriture

Two things essential to understanding any culture–music and food!  this week, we will conclude our music videos.   Please vote for your favourite French song on the bulletin board just outside the gym!

Just a reminder: assignments and presentations are due on the required due date unless other arrangements have been made with me.

Next, we begin to learn about food–food groups, healthy eating, ordering in restaurants, and expressing our likes and dislikes.   Have a look at this Lawless French lesson to see a great list of words we will be using in class!


Bon appetit!

Mme Kerr

Les Lettres pour La Cours Canadienne!

Bonjour les amis!

We are privileged to have been invited to be a part of the Great Canadian Mail Race–a letter writing exercise for French students across Ontario.  Students from Gravenhurst Public School have written to us, and we are now writing letters in French to them, and to other schools in our area to involve them.  These short letters encourage good French usage and familiar structures.

To do this, we are looking at written and oral questions that help us to get to know one another, as well as reviewing the structure of an informal letter.   Keep an eye out here for sample letters!

Quiz le 6 avril—On pose des questions!

Bonjour, tout le monde!

Le 6 avril sera notre quiz sur les mots qui forment des questions.   On en a 3 parties:    (We will have a quiz on questions words on April 6.  The quiz will have 3 parts:)

  1. Ecrire une liste de 7 expressions pour poser des questions (ou, pourquoi, est-ce que, quand, comment, combien de, etc.)  Write a list of 7 expressions we use to ask questions (in French!).  Hint: Use your class notes to practice these.  
  2. Faire un lien entre les expressions francais et l’anglais. (Match French question expressions with their English meanings.)
  3. Remplir les trous pour former des questions completes.(Fill in the blanks to form questions that make logical sense.)

Bonne chance!

Mme Kerr

Learning to ask questions in French!

Bonjour!   In the last two weeks, we have been working on how to ask questions in French.    Here is a video that will help you at home to learn the question phrases with good pronunciation.   Remember your accents!

This week (March 19-23), you will have the opportunity to start using these questions in your writing and speaking as we keep working on our mystery of the robbery of “La Lumiere du Desert”.  Here is a link to the Royal Ontario Museum’s gems and precious stones department where the story takes place…as well as a picture of the real “Lumiere du desert”!


A la prochaine! 🙂

Mme Kerr

Les jeux Olympiques d’hiver!

Mecredi, le 9 fevrier 2018……les jeux Olympiques commencent!

We will be taking a short break from our mystery unit to learn how to enjoy the Olympics in French!   Students will create a visual dictionary, learn vocabulary about sports, and create an interview with an Olympic athlete!

Here are some things to do at home:

  1. Please help your student explore the Olympians by watching some of the Home Team videos from  cbc (we do not endorse the Toyota advertisements, but these are great stories!)


2. There are also sports vocabulary games at www.french-games.net.  Go to the site, select “Start” and “sports”, then go to “Lessons”.

The program will take your student through a variety of games and activities to explore sports in French!

3. Here is an introductory video to the jeux Olympiques! Listen a few times see how much you understand!


Le vocabulaire de la maison et de l’heure!


In class, we have been working on 1) describing various rooms in our homes and 2) how to tell time as we build vocabulary for creating our “mystery” play.

www.french-games.net is an excellent and fun resource for learning all kinds of vocabulary.  Please try the TIME section. Go to the site, select “start”, then “Time” and “lessons”.  If you work your way through the beginner level, try the intermediate!  The site also says the French words as you go along.  Try to repeat them for practice at home!

Here is a short video to review what we have been doing in class about “les pieces dans la maison”.  Enjoy!


A la prochaine!

Mme Kerr

Games for practice at home!

For those of you who enjoyed the French games during our review classes, here is the link to the game site.   Please obtain permission from your parents and/or guardians before going to this site as there are pop up ads.   Try a variety of games–they will all help to build your vocabulary and spelling!

Enjoy, et on se verra lundi!



Les chansons!

For the Holiday Concert on December 14th

Mr. Hadala`s Grade 4`s will be performing Vive le vent (the chorus only).  Enjoy this video, and see if you can sing along!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-PD5iz7qdE

Mme Kobayashi`s and Mme Rainford`s class is performing `Quand le Pere Noel vient me visiter`.   Here it is…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ynt7aO8CuGw

A bientôt!

Mme Kerr

Le mois du décembre!


This month, we are working on our fluency in introducing one another, and finding vocabulary to show how we are all unique in what we like, the things we can do, and our physical descriptions.   We are also preparing two songs for the Holiday Concert on December 14.   We will also be reviewing our fall material before the holiday break.

Students have been given their first cahier (workbook) to share with you at home, as well as a letter to return to me describing what they have learned.  They have been asked to teach their parent(s) and guardians something from the French class.   The responses have been great to read so far!

For the quiz on December 13th (both classes)

Here are the words for your quiz on December 13.   Say them over to yourself as you practice writing them! Accents are important in correctly spelling the word.
Bonne chance!

Les jours de la semaine

Les mois de l’année

Quel temps fait-il en hiver?   (What is the weather like in winter?)

Il fait froid.
Il vente.
Il neige.
Il fait beau.
Il fait sombre.
Il est nuageux.